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Cami Clune is an independent singer / songwriter from Buffalo, NY. Her style is sort of difficult for her to narrow down, but is most often described as Alternative / R&B / Pop. Her daily listening playlist ranges from EDM, to Hip Hop, to Rock, and many other genres. There are a lot of different sub-genres in music nowadays, and so the way she best likes to describes herself is as a “crossover” artist. She often posts cover songs on her YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook pages.

She performs frequently throughout Western New York, and has also had performances out of state. She performs at different venues in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding area anywhere from 2 to 5 times a week. She is also well known in her community for singing the national anthem at numerous sporting events (NFL, NHL, MILB, etc).

Most notably in her acting career was her lead role in “Blink Of An Eye” – a short film addressing the heroin epidemic. In the short, she portrays a young dancer who injures her knee and becomes addicted to opioids. Cami was very instrumental in the making of the film, including suggesting film locations, helping choose the film’s musical score and sound effects, marketing, and choosing / singing the title track, “If I Get High,” a cover by Nothing But Thieves. Cami is also currently studying digital media in college and is very interested in filmmaking. 

The film can be viewed at  

Cami wants to use her art not only as a means for self expression, but most importantly as a way to help and connect to people through her music and her story.