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Cami Clune is an independent singer / songwriter and actress from Buffalo, NY. Her style is sort of difficult for her to narrow down, but can be most clearly described as Alternative / R&B / Pop. She has often explained that what she listens to and sings depends on how she feels in the moment, as she loves so many different types of music, ranging from Broadway to EDM to Hip Hop to Christian (and so much more). There are so many different sub-genres in modern music, and the industry has become increasingly more diverse in the type of music that artists release. The way she likes to describes herself is as a “crossover” artist. She frequently posts cover songs on her YouTube, SoundCloud, and Facebook pages, and will soon be debuting her first single.

She performs frequently throughout Western New York, and has also had performances out of state. She is well known in her community for singing the national anthem at numerous sporting events (NFL, NHL, MILB, etc). She also performs at private events and at other venues around town.

When Cami was very young, she was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder with Hypersensitivity, which is a neurological disorder that causes abnormal, and sometimes extreme, reactions to certain sounds and sensations that may seem minor to most children. Although she does not react in this way anymore, she still considers herself a sensitive person and has explained that this helps her with her creativity. Music has always been her source of retreat, as it has always been a means for expression and relaxation. Her parents say that as a toddler, whenever she felt overwhelmed, she would reach her arms up and say, “moogic,” or, “music,” in translation. This meant that she wanted music to be played, and it would always immediately calm her down.

Cami also lives with the genetic condition “Ehlers Danlos Syndrome – Hypermobility Type” and wants to be a spokesperson for all those struggling with “invisible illnesses.” This syndrome is a fairly unrecognized connective tissue disorder in which each patient is affected differently. She has had to overcome a lot of obstacles posed by this disorder and wants all others struggling with chronic pain to be heard and understood.

Most notably in her acting career was her lead role in “Blink Of An Eye” – a short film addressing the heroin epidemic. In the short, she portrays a young dancer who injures her knee and becomes addicted to opioids. Cami was very instrumental in the making of the film, including suggesting film locations, helping choose the film’s musical score and sound effects, marketing, and choosing / singing the title track, “If I Get High,” a cover by Nothing But Thieves.

The film can be viewed at  

Cami lost an aunt who struggled with undiagnosed chronic pain to an overdose, and understands how devastating addiction is. She is an advocate for prevention and treatment of opioid abuse. She also believes in breaking the stigma of addiction, as well as advocating for a true understanding of how physical and mental health go hand in hand.

In addition, she believes wholeheartedly in using one’s talents to help others. She is the founder of a fundraising organization called “Backyard Broadway” – an organization that holds music based fundraisers to raise money for local families affected by pediatric cancer. To this date, “Backyard Broadway” has raised over $50,000.

Cami wants to use her art not only as a means for self expression, but most importantly as a way to help and connect to people through her music and her story.